Aswat Nissa is a feminist Tunisian non-governmental organization created in 2011. The organization is non-partisan and free from political influence. It advocates for the integration of the gender approach in all public policy areas. Aswat Nissa supports women to voice their opinions and to become active members – as they should be – in the public and political spheres of the Tunisian society. In Arabic, Aswat Nissa means “Women’s voices”.

Our Mission

Aswat Nissa’s mission is built around four main lines of action:

  • To promote a culture of gender equality;
  • To fight all forms of gender discrimination;
  • To foster women’s participation in Tunisian’s political spheres by bolstering their personal competencies and leadership; and
  • To advocate for the integration of the gender approach in all public policy areas (gender mainstreaming).

our vision

To eradicate inequalities and inequities within society, the establishment of a rule of law and of democracy is a prerequisite. Believing in social justice ideals and advocating for the respect of human dignity, Aswat Nissa supports a society that recognizes the universal values of human rights; all humans are born equal before the law and enjoy equal opportunities and an effective citizenship.

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