ToT in advocacy for Gender equality

Job Title: Expert in advocacy for gender equality

Mission: Mission: Hold a Train the Trainers session in advocacy for Gender equality

Duration: 7 days in Tunis.  5 days of training and 2 days for training preparation and reporting.

  1. Background information:

Aswat Nissa is a Tunisian feminist non-governmental organization created in 2011. The organization is non-partisan and advocates for gender mainstreaming in public policies. Aswat Nissa also supports women to voice their opinions and to become active members – as they should be – in the public and political spheres of the society. In Arabic, Aswat Nissa means “Women’s voice”.

According to the universal values of human rights and fundamental freedoms, Aswat Nissa aims for an inclusive and just society respectful of the dignity of all people. A society in which individuals are responsible and equal before the law, have equal opportunities to strive and live the life that they want, and are able to exercise an engaged citizenship.

  1. Objective of the consultancy:

Aswat Nissa is looking for an Expert to conduct a training of trainers for 10 members of the team in “advocacy for gender equality “.

The training will last 5 days and will take place at Aswat Nissa’s office in Tunis.

It is expected at the end of the training that the team will be trained in:

  •    The legal and political framework of gender quality:

                -In Tunisia

                -In the MENA region

               -In the United Nations

              -In certain European countries

  • ·           An analysis of how politics, education and the economy can contribute to perpetuating gender stereotypes and discrimination;
  • ·         Reflection on common practices that reflect the subordinate status of women in most societies and its links to patriarchy;
  • ·         In depth understanding of gender-based violence
  • ·         The concept of positive masculinity and its impact on gender equality
  • ·         In-depth understanding  of the  gender-sensitive budgeting
  • ·         Basic principles of advocacy (techniques used, importance of relations with civil society, media, institutions …);

The trainer is expected to provide all of the necessary tools for Aswat Nissa’s team to carry out the training of trainers for the organization’s volunteers and those interested in the cause.

The format of the training should include a strong theoretical aspect, combined with practical exercises.

  1. Deliverables:
  • Develop, in coordination with Aswat Nissa’s team the training materials and make them available to validation at least 7 days before the ToT.
  • At the end of the training, the consultant is asked to send a report describing the training, its objectives and written recommendations on the methodology on the way the team should conduct trainings to other people;
  1. Qualification and working experiences:

The relevant and required qualifications include:

  • ·         a strong proficiency in French as the training will be held in French.
  • ·         a post graduate degree (M.S/ Phd) in social/ gender sciences,
  • ·         5-10 years experience in work related to gender equality
  • ·         proven work experience in holding ToT in gender equality
  1. Required application documents:

Technical proposal:

-Personal CV demonstrating previous work experiences for similar trainings, contact details of the candidate and at least 2 professional references.

-Methodology with detailed work plan of the mission.

-Financial proposal:

The technical and financial proposals developed in French should be submitted no later than the 10th of January at

The training will be held in January 2019.