Women’s Political Academy 2012-2013


The long-term goal of the “School of Women Candidates” is to institutionalize women’s place on the political stage so as to have better advocates for women’s rights and conditions.


Reinforce the women’s skills to run for an elected position;
Instill in female politicians the need to defend and promote women’s rights at a legislative and political level


The project wishes to reinforce the skills of 25 female candidates for the parliamentary elections. These political women intend to represent the totality of the political spectrum.


The reinforcement workshops covered:

  • The Electoral Code and electoral boundaries
  • Electoral campaigning
  • Creating an electoral campaign team
  • Mobilising volunteers
  • Researching the electoral district
  • Targeting voters and citizens
  • Budgeting and financing an electoral campaign (fundraising)
  • Time management
  • Building a coalition
  • Encouraging women to participate and vote for a female candidate
  • Promoting good governance and electoral transparency
  • Elaborating a program and an electoral message
  • Media Relation
  • Public Speaking
  • Raising awareness on gender and on the struggles facing Tunisian women
  • Exchanges and inspiration (meeting Parliamentarians)
  • Strategic planning: Aswat Nissa helped certain political parties strategically plan their Women’s Commission at the request of women participants.